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No, that’s not Moe Koffman…

It’s Toronto jazz flutist, Duncan McAllister laying down a few tracks in the studio.flute.03A


Kind of Blue

I’m enjoying a SACD release of the renowned Miles Davis album from 1959. The album features both Julian Adderley and John Coltrane on sax. Bill Evans came back to record piano on a number of the tracks. It is considered by many to be the best selling jazz album of all time.Miles

The 1992 CD remastering of Kind of Blue finally corrects a speed problem that affected side A of the original album. A 1997 release adds an alternate take of Flamenco Sketches.

Despite the phenomenal performances, there are a few anomalies with this recording. At the beginning of So What, there is so much hiss that I started to check out my sound system looking for the source. Nothing wrong with my system, as it turns out, and many have commented on the problem. The original three-track tape master (sans Dolby) was recorded 50 years ago and was hissy compared to today’s standards.

Let it be

From Pat Metheny to Bill Frisell, Al Di Meola, Joe Pass to John Scofield, why are all these famous scofieldcontemporary jazz guitarists trying to jazzify the Beatles?

There’s even a group called BeatleJazz.